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KnoCard Alpha

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josephs best digital business card is knocard

KnoCard lets you connect a biography of yourself, existing websites, social media links, direct connects to call, text and email, custom photos and background. 

With this digital business card, you will have access into our design studio for quick and easy updates. KnoCard is a unique business tool. Your information and card can quickly be shared via email or text.

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    Easy to Use
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    ​Intuitive design interface
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    All your info in one place
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    Makes a good impression is designed to help spread the word about KnoCard and how your business can gain exposure and sales through this awesome tool. It's easy, quick, effective and affordable. 

KnoCard Alpha

Interactive Card, Click it!

sharons best digital business card

The best digital business card is KnoCard Alpha. It acts as an all in one business solution and is perfect for someone who runs a small to medium-size business, regardless if you are a plumber, carpenter, network marketer, personal trainer, pizza shop owner, church leader or sales person.

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    Add Videos to your KnoCard
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    ​Create custom tiles & design
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    Share by Email or Text
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    Your information lives on your prospects cell phone
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    Low ​​​​monthly fees​
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    Free back office 

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KnoCard Design

We Can Design Your Card

knocard design

Designing your card with our online design studio is intuitive and user friendly, however if you would rather just pay to have it done for you, then you want KnoCard Design it's an optional service and includes consultation with one of our design specialists. 

Our KnoCard Design Team understands small business and the different tools and techniques that are available today. They will build and create a KnoCard digital business card that helps generate profits for you.

These designers will also put that extra flair on your KnoCard to help make you and your business stand out.

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    Professional Design
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    Hands Off Experience

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What typically happens when you hand someone your business card? They look at it, turn it over and then shove it in their pocket, wallet or purse, right?

From there where does it go? When they get back to their home or office, they'll empty out their pockets, the card may get misplaced, thrown away or come out of the dryer like a tattered ball of belly button lint!


Simply enter your prospects name and cell phone number, press SEND and in seconds they will have all your information.

When you hand out your old your paper business cards, you really have no way of knowing who has it, how many times they looked at it or what their interest is.

best digital business card share

KnoCard on the other hand is different. Alpha KnoCards record Shares (name, date, phone number and view counts.) The information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.


Sales referrals are one of the most valuable methods to generate new leads and customers. If your customer wants to share your information with a friend and your paper business card is at their home or office, you are out of luck.

When your customer has your digital business card on their cell phone, they can easily refer you to others.

The new prospect receives your KnoCard and you receive all the referall information in your cloud based back office!

KnoCard 14-Day No Questions Asked
Money-Back Guarantee

KnoCard is simply the best digital business card available and they are so sure you’ll love your KnoCard Alpha digital business card that they offer a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. If for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied, your money will be promptly refunded.

Set up your KnoCard Alpha digital business card with your own images, links and information. Take it for a test drive and see for yourself how valuable of a tool this really is to you, your prospects and customers.

So what are you waiting for? KnoCard, your best digital business card is
100% risk-free! Fair enough?

Best Digital Business Card Questions 

Is KnoCard an APP?

No, although KnoCard behaves like an app, it is actually web-based. You can access the back office and setup from any computer.

How do I setup my KnoCard?

One of the things you will like is that the setup of your best digital business card is straight forward and intuitive. There are also instructional videos online. 

What if I get stuck or have a question, is there support?

Yes, you can contact KnoCard support via email and, any customers who purchase their KnoCard from us here at have direct access and can contact Joseph directly with any questions.

knocard questions girl

Why does KnoCard cost so little?

The value you get from your KnoCard far exceeds the cost. Although KnoCard could charge a lot more for their products, they want to make them affordable for everyone. However, these low prices may change at any time, so it is best to get your digital business card now!

I'm a realtor, do you have any custom solutions for me?

Yes, KnoCard Realty helps you sell more homes with the power of technology including Open House Check In, custom branding, data colleciton and more.

Is it really worth it?

We know it is, but don't take our word for it. Get your own KnoCard and see for yourself! is an independent KnoCard affiliate.
For affiliate inquiries, please contact us here.

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